2009 SPDG Regional Meetings


Washington, DC Agenda
Kansas City, MO Agenda
Portland, OR Agenda [Face to Face]

Webcast Sample Agenda [Online]

Handouts and Presentation Files

Jennifer Coffey’s SPDG Program Overview

SIG Marketplace Session Resources By Topical Strand

Scaling up/Implementation Session
To continue the conversations started at SIG Day at the OSEP Project Directors’ Conversation several hours were dedicated to scaling up and implementation with an emphasis on coaching.

Designing Projects Based on Implementation Science [DOC]
Coaching Competency [DOC]
Drivers Best Practices — Coaching [DOC]
NIRN Drivers and Implementation Stages Table [XLS]
Michigan’s (Mi3) Cascading Structures of Support and Implementation Driver Analysis Sample [PDF]
Washington, DC Presentations
Coaching for Competence [PPT], Margie McGlinchey, MiBLSi SPDG Project Director
Kansas City, MO Presentations
Coaching for Competence [PPT], Steve Goodman, MiBLSi SPDG Project Director
Portland, OR Presentation Files
Coaching for Competence: Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices [PPT]
Robert Horner, Ph.D., Center for Positive Behavior Support, University of Oregon, Eugene
Oregon’s Scaling Up Presentation
Marick Tedesco, Ph.D., State Transformation Specialist for Scaling Up Oregon

Technology Initiative and Collaboration Presentation Session

Steps to Collaboration [PPT]
Technology Initiative Updates [PPT]
Technology Training Interest Lists [PDF]