2007-2009 SPDG Program Area Meetings: SIG Day

at OSEP Project Directors' Conference 2009, 2008, 2007

2009 SIG Day Session Materials

About SIG Day

The 2009 agenda provided an opportunity for Directors and Evaluators to learn about technologies effectively implemented by their peers, and to discuss best practices, issues and challenges related to implementation and scaling up initiatives, and collaborating with relevant partners.

Special thanks go to the following planning team members Toyah Robey, Kentucky SPDG; Matt Guigno, New York SPDG; Rorie Fitzpatrick, Nevada SPDG; Renee Scott, Kentucky SPDG; Pam Williams, Missouri SPDG; David Merves; Vermont SPDG; Cheryl Huffman, Oklahoma SPDG; Jennifer Doolittle, OSEP; Patricia Gonzalez, OSEP and Jeanna Mullins, MSRRC.

Agenda, Presentation Files and Materials

2009 SIG Day Agenda [pdf]

OSEP News You Can Use [ppt]
Larry Wexler, Director, Research to Practice Division, OSEP

Overview of the SPDG Technology Initiative [ppt]
Audrey Desjarlais, SIGnetwork

SPDG Technology Demonstrations

Get a Life Using Second Life [ppt]
John Green, Kansas SPDG

Hosting a State-Wide Virtual Conference [ppt]
David Merves, Vermont SPDG

SPDG Program Presentation: Overview of the Budget, Performance Measures, Regional Meetings and Implementation and Scaling Up Session [ppt]
Jennifer Doolittle, OSEP, SPDG Program Lead


  • SPDG Program Measures [doc] This document outlines the SPDG Performance Measures and provides guidance on annual reporting.
  • SPDG Initiative Matrix [xls] This table identifies SPDG initiatives currently being implemented by state.

Implementation and Readiness to Scale Up Evidence-Based Practices

Implementation Drivers Presentation [ppt]
Allison Metz, SISEP


Scale Up Evidence Based Practices [ppt]
Dean Fixsen, SISEP


Collaborations that Create True Partnerships

Overview of Open Space Small Group Discussions and Development of Topics [ppt]
Audrey Desjarlais, SIGnetwork, Jennifer Doolittle, OSEP, SPDG Program Lead



2008 SIG Day, July 21-23


2007 SIG Day, July 16-18

SIG/SPDG Luncheon Agenda and Materials

SIG/SPDG Day Agenda, and World Cafe Handout