September 14, 2010, Implementation Conversation: Selection & Evaluation of Practices to Support State Level

Presenter: Pam Williams, Missouri SPDG Director


Files, Documents and Websites

Show-Me Implementation (PPT). Pam Williams, Missouri SPDG Director

Missouri Implementation Audit - Final Report (PDF). This final report summarizes the findings of Missouri's implementation audit. The purpose of the audit was to assess the range of implementation of educational initiatives and the relationship between the degree of implementation and changes in student achievement. Department staff selected approximately 20 programs/initiatives supported at the state level, and identified districts/buildings implementing the programs/initiatives. It was conducted by an external evaluator, the Leadership and Learning Center.

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Implementation Rubric (PDF). This is an internal review document state staff developed for districts to conduct implementation self assessment (rubric).

Missouri Integrated Model Interview Questions - Building Perspective (PDF). This file includes example interview questions used with staff at the building level. They looked at four different areas: learning context, professional development, instructional practices and leadership practices.

Missouri Integration Model - School Building Documents to Review (PDF)

Missouri SW-PBS

Missouri Integrated Model  (MIM)

Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

Response to Intervention (RtI)

Missouri Comprehensive Guidance