Evaluators' Resources

Evaluators' Resources


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SIGEVAL Listserv

We have reactivated the SPDG Evaluators' Listserv (SIGEVAL@lists.uoregon.edu).  Using this list Evaluators may post suggestions about resources that might be useful in the evaluation work, post questions, and in other ways reach out to other SPDG Evaluators.  If you've not yet subscribed to SIGEVAL, please contact Len Hatfield with your information.


Useful websites, webinars, and compilations


Templates & Formats

•     Data dashboard template
•     Data Placemat template
•     Reporting formats


Tips & How-To Guides

•     Tips for delivering negative results
•     How to conduct a reporting needs analysis
•     Supporting the use of evaluation findings
•     7 Strategies to Improve Evaluation Use and Influence:
•     Using evaluation practices to address staff turnover and changing information needs


Implementation Science and Sustainability

•     How evaluation data can support sustainability
•     Intersection of implementation science and evaluation     

Preliminary webpage discussion recording (March 10, 2020)