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NCSI Evaluation Resources

NCSI provides resources related to the evaluation component of the SSIP:

  • State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) Evaluation Planning: A Companion Resource to OSEP’s SSIP Phase II Guidance Tool 

NCSI designed this document as a resource for states as they consider the requirements needed to develop the Phase II evaluation component of their Part B or Part C State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP). 


  • This can be found on the NCSI website or Grads360 for Parts B & C-- The SSIP Phase II Guidance and Review Tool- see the Phase II Component #3: Evaluation https://osep.grads360.org/#program/ssip

We have begun to post SSIP/SPDG alignment presentations on  Signetwork's homepage.



Calling all to the Starting Line

Thank you all for sharing throughout the course of last week's meeting. I always learn so much from my SPDG evaluator community. As a result of the value I place on our interaction, I just wanted to make a post where I try to make an effort to try to encourage folks to interact with the wiki, and possibly (hopefully) place that little check mark next to "Email me" when there is new content on this wiki. As a former track and field coach, this seems to me a lot like the effort the starter goes through in calling all of the runners to the starting line. Like in those races, this community won't be able to "START" to thrive to the extent it can year-round unless we all "show up" ready to run with our new challenge.

If you are willing to help, it might help us all if you: (1) responded to this post with a "Here, and ready to run," in the comment area to the right of this message, and (2) possibly checked in with your colleagues supporting other states who you suspect have not been active on the wiki.

As a first step, Pat, David and I will be trying to plan another get-together in DC in November during AEA. In case you missed it, we sent out a little survey to use in planning earlier today through John. Here is that link below. Good luck to all as we "race" towards our collective finish lines :).

We are trying to schedule a get together at AEA for SPDG evaluators who may be attending the conference and need to know who is planning to attend, when you arrive/depart and if there is interest for a social get together. So, of course we designed a brief survey to help us with the planning! Please take a few minutes to respond to the 4 questions by Friday the 13th.


Thanks much for your assist!