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2020 Meetings

May 2020
Book Study: Nina J. Morel"How to Get the Most Out of a Coaching Session" in 
“A Culture of Coaching”, Educational Leadership, Nov 2019, Vol 77, No. 3.
Discussion by Jennifer Coffey
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April 2020

Book Study: Michael S. Moody, "If Instructional Coaching Really Works, Why Isn't It Working?" in 
“A Culture of Coaching”, Educational Leadership, Nov 2019, Vol 77, No. 3.
Discussion by Jennifer Coffey
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Study Questions
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March 2020
Book Study: Elena Aguilar, “You Can’t Have a Coaching Culture Without a Structure” in 
“A Culture of Coaching”, Educational Leadership, Nov 2019, Vol 77, No. 3.
Discussion by Jennifer Coffey
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February 2020
Book Study: “A Culture of Coaching”, Educational Leadership, Nov 2019, Vol 77, No. 3.
Discussion by Jennifer Coffey
Study Questions and Big Ideas
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January 2020
Capacity Coaching
The Florida SPDG team discuss Capacity Coaching as a tool for sustainability: 

Janice Creneti, SIM Assistant Project Manager for the Florida SPDG;
Elaine Miller, Check & Connect Director for the Florida SPDG;
Peg Sullivan, Director of Florida’s SPDG 

District Capacity Coaching Overview
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2019 Meetings

November 2019
Ohio’s Peer Coaching Model for Literacy
Carolyn Turner and Michelle Elia are Ohio Literacy Leads with State Support Team 13, where they work to scale up Ohio’s Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement through professional development.
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Ohio Literacy Peer Coaching Guide


September 2019
Differentiating Supports for a Wide Range of Systems & Instructional Coaches
Tanya B. Ihlo, Advanced Implementation Specialist at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, University of North Carolina.
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August 2019
In this webinar Kacie Olson of the Kansas Learning Network provides tools and frameworks that can help your coaches to support effective data use for problem solving and improved impact.
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July 2019
Resource sharing was the focus of this session.  The Arizona SPDG shared how they helped coaches and PD participants make sense of the coaching system via visuals and connected tools.  Jennifer shared Wisconsin’s website, which included videos and descriptions of their coaching services. Jennifer also walked through SISEP’s Active Implementation Hub tools and talk about NCSI’s coaching tools.

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AZSPDG Everything You Need To Know Infographic PDF

AZSPDG Coaching Log Example DOC
AZSPDG Coaching Model DOC
AZSPDG Coaching Service Delivery Plan Directions- EXAMPLE DOC
AZSPDG Coaching Survey DOC
AZSPDG Instructional Coach Gradual Release Model Instructional Coaching DOC
AZSPDG Teacher Professional learning Plan Example DOC
AZSPDG Teacher Professional Learning Plan Template DOC
AZSPDG Vision Mission DOC
The AZ SPDG Vision for Effective Coaching DOC


June 2019

During this meeting several SPDG Evaluators provided their thoughts on the following questions:

• How do you make data collection efficient?
• How do you measure the effectiveness of coaching?
• How do you track coaching activities and supports in a meaningful manner?
• How do an LEA and an SEA quantify the impact of coaching?

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May 2019

Supporting Coaching through Quality PD for Administrators
Kim Dr. Paula Crawford, Laura Marsden, Carol Moffitt, & Melanie Sharpe; NC Department of Public Instruction
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Presentation slides

April 2019

Kim St. Martin shares insight on system level coaching.

Presentation slides

March 2019

Sue Daker and Amy Alfrey, Iowa Department of Education, Coaching Across the Cascade in the Education System, IOWA SPDG.  Discussion of the coaching delivery model.

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Presentation slides
Resources and Links

February 2019

Tanya Ihlo, State Implementation and Scaling-up of Evidence-based Practices (SISEP).  Considerations for Determining Intensity of Coaching Supports.
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Presentation slides


January 2019

Donna M. Ploessl, Assistant Professor of Special Education, College of Education, University of Montevallo.
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Presentation slides


2018 Meetings

November 2018

Kraft, M. A., Blazar, D., & Hogan, D. (2016). The effect of teacher coaching on instruction and achievement: A meta-analysis of the causal evidence. Review of Educational Research

Article discussion guide

September 2018

Kim Yanek, Ph.D. Co-Director Mid-Atlantic PBIS Network. Working Toward Sustaining a Coaching System:  Focusing on Coaching at the Local Level

Presentation slides


August 2018

Dale Cusumano, Co-Director of the State Implementation & Scaling-up of Evidence-based Practices (SISEP) center. Effectively Implementing Effective Practices for Sustainable Permanency: A Synthesis of Research and Practice

Presentation slides
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July 2018

Brigette Russell, New Mexico Public Education Department, and Rocio Benedicto, New Mexico State University, discuss Building Relationships in Coaching in the New Mexico SPDG.

Presentation slides
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June 2018

Sophia Farmer, VTSS Implementation Specialist, and Corinne Wilson, VTSS Evaluation discussed the Virginia Tiered Systems of Support (VTSS) and their data driven systems coaching work.

Presentation slides
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May 2018

Diane Posner discussed CA Project READ's work using teacher progress and student progress data to improve coaching systems

Presentation slides
Collaborative Data Teams Needs Assessment (pdf)
Data Based Decision Making June 2015 (pdf)
Fidelity of Implementation Rubric (FIR; pdf)
The 10 Key elements of Project READ implementation (word)
Strategy Implementation Checklists and Fidelity of Instruction (pdf)
Student Reading Progress Monitoring Mapping (pdf)
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April 2018

Kim St. Matin discussed coaching effectiveness and measuring the impact on coaching supports

Presentation slides
2017-18 MIBLSI IS Coaching Feedback Survey (pdf)
Copy of Coaching Log SAMPLE (Excel)
District Coaching Service Delivery Plan 3.7.18 (Word)
DIT_Coaching_Service_Delivery_Plan (pdf)
DIT_CSDP_cheat sheet (pdf)
Implementation Unit Data Analysis Guide11.30 (Word)
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March 2018

Heather George shared Florida's work supporting districts to build their own coaching systems.

Presentation slides
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February 2018

Theresa Farmer and Pamela Howard shared the Alabama's work building a common vision of coaching.
Presentation slides
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2017 Meetings top

January 9, 2017

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February 13, 2017

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May 8, 2017

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June 12, 2017

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July 10, 2017

Adams, Alyson; Ross, Dorene; Burns, Jamey; Gibbs, Lauren. (2015). Talking Points: Data Displays Are an Effective Way to Engage Teachers.Journal of Staff Development, 36.
The article focuses on an educational program created by the Lastinger Center at the University of Florida. This program helps instructional coaches use a professional learning design in their schools which includes creating data displays to engage teachers in conversation about instruction. The data display provides an image of classroom practice which the teacher can analyze.
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August 14, 2017

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iCoach Model Evidence-Base Brochure

November  2017

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Plan for Coaching CoP
Oregon's Effecitve Behavioral Support Systems; Systems Coaching Manual
The Team Functioning Scale: Evaluating and Improving Effectiveness of School Teams (Gaumer Erickson & Noonan)
Team Initiated Problem Solving Fidelity Checklist (TIPS-FC)

December 2017

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2016 Meetings top

February 1, 2016--Ohio Coaching tools

Susan Wilson and Tracy Atchison finished presenting the tools above from December 2015.
Meeting recording (Link)

April 4, 2016--Book discussion, Cognitive Coaching

Meeting recording (Link)
Reflective Conversation Memory Map (Link to PDF)

June 6, 2016 Coaching Service Delivery Plans

Presentation Slides (ppt)
Tier 1 School-Wide Reading Model (docx)
Individualized Tier 1 Reading Coaching Plan (docx)
Steps for developing individualized coaching plan (docx)
R-IFI Elementary-Level Edintion (pdf)
Tier 1 Reading Systems Coaching Cheat_ Sheet (docx)
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September 12, 2016

Annotated Bibliography of Recent Reserch Related to Coaching, SISEP (docx)
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December 5, 2016

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2015 Meetings top

January 9, 2015 meeting, Readings

SISEP-PBIS-CoachingServiceDeliveryPlan .pdf

February 2, 2015 meeting, Readings: 

Coaching Inventory Discussion Tool.pdf
Systems CoachingModelforBuildingCapacity.pdf
Coaching Innovation Configuration.pdf

March 2, 2015 Meeting

Meeting recording

March 30, 2015 Meeting

Meeting recording

May 6, 2015 Meeting

Meeting recording

June 1, 2015 Meeting

Meeting recording

July 6, 2015 Meeting

Meeting presentation powerpoint
Killion Article--Reprising coaching heavy and coaching light
NIRN Feedback Powerpoint--Foundation Skills For Active Implementation
Youtube video on building rapport
Hackman and Wageman--A theory of team coaching
Meeting recording

August 3, 2015 Meeting

Meeting presentation PPT
Annette Young, MT, Coachign for teams (ppt)
Hackman and Wageman, Theory of Team Coaching (pdf)
Tuckman, Team Development Model (pdf)

December 7, 2015--Ohio Coaching tools

  1. Coaching Practice Profile
  2. Coaching practice Profile Coversheet
  3. Coaching Service Delivery Plan for EF training
  4. Monitoring Ohio Coaching Services
  5. Process Coaching Feedback Form Coaching Participant to Coach
  6. Process Coaching PP – Shared Understandings
  7. rocess Coaching Reflection and Feedback Form
  8. SIGnetwork Presentation Dec 3
  9. SPDG Coaching one pager Revise

Resources shared by states top


Ohio's Coaching Cascade Logic Model and Service Delivery Plan
READ Practice Guide_Jan2014.pdf
READ Supplement_Jul2014.pdf

Coaching Resources Shared by Pattie Noonan

HQPD Checklist Indicator Examples (Draft)
Missouri HQPD Coaching Checklist
Missouri PDG Practice Profile

Coaching for Impact: Six Pillars to Create Coaching Roles That Achieve Their Potential to Improve Teaching and Learning outlines six pillars essential to creating meaningful coaching roles and calls on the nation’s education leaders to make a renewed commitment to coaching teachers that meets high expectations for quality. Download this free report from Learning Forward, the University of Florida Lastinger Center, and Public Impact.