2012 Abstracts: Georgia

Grant/Contract #    H323A120020
Program Name       State Personnel Development Grants Program
Competition          State Personnel Development Grants
Title                      Georgia State Personnel Development Grant
ProjectDirector(s)  Causey, Julia  
Email                    jcausey@doe.k12.ga.us

Purpose: This project will decrease the gap in graduation rates between the highest performing subgroups and the students with disabilities, and increase college and career readiness for students with disabilities.

Method: Activities of this project include: (a) training K-12 teams and team leaders on the GraduateFIRST model to diagnose dropout causes; (b) developing site-specific improvement plans with evidence-based strategies to decrease dropout rates and increase graduation rates for all students with disabilities; (c) partnering with state and local organizations to provide professional development for middle and high school teachers on writing compliant transition plans and implementing student-led individual education plans; (d) partnering with local institutions of higher education to provide professional development and specialized training for early intervention and elementary teachers of children with autism; and (e) using various data sources to identify teachers of all students with disabilities for targeted professional development to improve teacher effectiveness.