2017 Abstracts: New Hampshire

PR Award #: H323A170029
Name: New Hampshire Department of Education
Project Title: New Hampshire State Personnel Development Grant (NH SPDG)
City, State: Concord, NH
Project Director: Amy Aiello
Project Director email: amy.aiello@doe.nh.gov

The New Hampshire State Personnel Development Grant (NH SPDG) proposal was designed to expand the implementation of NH’s State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP). The SSIP and SPDG goals focus on improving preschool students with disabilities social-emotional outcomes through the implementation of the Pyramid Model (PM) framework. The SPDG will foster the development of State and local infrastructure to implement the PM, develop a Master Cadre of PM trainers and coaches, and promote infusion of the PM in institutions of higher education (IHEs). Expected outcomes include increased capacity to provide PM training, coaching, and data-based decision making and improved community collaboration, family engagement, and sustainable implementation of the PM.

The SPDG will provide training and coaching for up to five community collaborative to increase the capacity of NH personnel to implement the PM and the embedded evidence-based practices. The objectives focus on infrastructure development, PM implementation, improved implementation and outcome data, feedback loops, and enhanced IHE early childhood coursework. Formative and summative data will be used to assess the quality, relevance, and utility of professional development; the fidelity of PM implementation; and the impact on improved social-emotional outcomes of preschool children with disabilities. The NH SPDG will use reliable and valid PM data collection processes.