2011 SPDG Regional Meeting

Professional Development: The Heart of the Matter


Washington, DC        New Orleans, LA      Portland, OR    Portland Virtual


SPDG Program Overview

Program Overview Presentation (PPT).  Jennifer Coffey, OSEP Project Officer


2010 SPDG Grantee Abstracts

Draft SPDG Performance Measures - There is no electronic format available. See Jennifer's Program Overview PPT to view these draft measures.

Portland Participant List

Evidence-Based Professional Development Session

Introduction to the Professional Development Presentation (PPT) Jennifer Coffey, OSEP Project Officer

Presentation Powerpoints

DC: Evidence-based Professional Development Presentation (PPT) Michelle Duda, Ph.D, , Susan Davis, NC SPDG.

New Orleans: Evidence-based Professional Development Presentation (PPT) Melissa Van Dyke, LCSW, State Implementation of Scaling Up Evidence Based Practices TA Center (SISEP), Margaret McGlinchey, MI SPDG

Portland: Evidence-based Professional Development Presentation (PPT) Chris Borgmeier, Ph.D., Oregon PBIS Leadership Network


Michigan’s Integrated Behavior & Learning Support (MiBLSi) Initiative Rubrics. Michigan's SPDG, MiBLSi uses rubrics to ensure consistency in their professional development system.

Implementation Drivers Best Practices Analysis and Discussion Tool Adapted from ©National  Implementation Research Network Karen A. Blase, Melissa K. Van Dyke, Michelle Duda, and Dean L. Fixsen, September 2010.

Implementation: The Missing Link Between Research and Practice ©National  Implementation Research Network

Implementation Graphic

Pre-Conferece Resources to Review

Participants are encouraged to review the following resources prior to the conference. For the Trivette/Dunst articles choose only one to read.

Trivette, C. M., Dunst, C. J., Hamby, D.W., & O’Herin, C. E. (2009). Characteristics and Consequences of Adult Learning Methods and Strategies (Winterberry Research Synthesis, Vol. 2, No. 2). Asheville, NC: Winterberry Press.

Dunst, C. J., & Trivette, C. M. (2009). Let’s Be PALS: An Evidence-Based Approach to Professional Development. Infants & Young Children 22. No. 3, 164–176. Purchase Here: http://journals.lww.com/iycjournal/toc/2009/07000

Trivette, C.M. and Dunst, C.J., Orelena Hawks Puckett Institute, ASeveill and Morganton, North Carolina. An Evidence-Based Approach to Professional Development (PPT, 2/2010)

Resources Highlighted during the Conference (from all three sites)

Bruce Schroeder's Implementation Conversations Presentation: Using the Coaching Best Practices to inform your work. Go to this wiki page to download the PowerPoint and/or listen to the session recording: /wikis/4/page/March_9_Online_Session_with_Bruce_Schroeder,_Utah_SPDG_Director

The Effect of an "Unsure" Option on Early Childhood Professionals' Pre- and Post-Training Knowledge Assessments. American Journal of Evaluation published online 3 September 2010. Tomoko Wakabayashi and Karen Guskin. http://aje.sagepub.com/content/early/2010/08/31/1098214010371818.full.pdf+html

National School Reform Consultancy Model Resources

Below are a few resources on Adaptive Leadership Melissa Van Dyke mentioned at the New Orleans meeting.

Heifetz, R. A., & Laurie, D. L. (1997). The work of leadership. Harvard Business Review, 75(1), 124-134.

A short article by Heifetz and Laurie

This is a nice summary of the “big ideas.”

This is the website for the authors’ business; it contains some interesting information.

DC Regional Meeting Feb 3, 2010 – Evidence PD Pair/Share. Outcomes participating projects are working towards (DOC).

MiBLSi District READING SUPPORT Coaching Capacity Self-Assessment (DOC, 2011, DRAFT)

MiBLSi District BEHAVIOR SUPPORT Coaching Capacity Self-Assessment (DOC, 2011 DRAFT)

MiBLSi Identifying Skill Sets Along the Continuum of Support (DOC, 2011)

Discussion Handouts

Discussion #1:  3-2-1 Group Process Evidenced Based Professional Development
Discussion #1:  3-2-1 Individual Reflection Summary Evidenced-Based Professional Development

Discussion #2:  Competency Driver Training

Discussion #3:  Consultancy Protocol

Consultancy Model Description. Ddescribes the discussion process used for one of the small group discussion sections. A volunteer for each group will be asked to provide a challenge they are facing in providing effective professional development.

SPDG Marketplace

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Portland Marketplace Schedule



Guidance on Structuring a Community of Practice

Guidance on Structuring a Community of Practice Presentation (PPT, 2010) Terry Jackson, OSEP Project Officer and Audrey Desjarlais, Signetwork Coordinator

Montana RTI Partnership A Community of Practice: In the Beginning (PPT) Susan Bailey-Anderson, Director, Montana SPDG

Communities of Practice Start-up Guide. Etienne Wenger

Free (mostly) Applications For Supporting Communities of Practice and Learning Communities (11/2010) Larry Edelman

New Hampshire Transition CoP Fact Sheet

New Hampshire Transition CoP Survey

New Hampshire Transition CoP Structure

New Hampshire Transition CoP Agenda Template

Open Space 3-21 Small Group Discussions

Discussion Handout: Open Space 3-2-1 Reflection

SPDG Technology Initiative

SPDG Technology Initiative: Two Years and Counting (PPT). Audrey Desjarlais, Signetwork Coordinator

Resource Packet on Blogs, Wikis, and Social Networks. (3/23/2010) Prepared by Larry Edelman and Stephen Luke