Past Events: December 11, 2009: SPDG Directors' Webinar: Coaching with Virtual Bug-in-Ear Technology

Date: December 11, 2009

Presenters: Marcia L. Rock, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Director, Project TEEACH, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; John Green, Ph.D., SPDG Coordinator, Kansas


Webinar Recording: [open in new window]

Virtual Bug In Ear Technology for Online Coaching: A Brief Review and What’s New, Marcia Rock. [PPT] [PDF].Article referenced during Marcia's presentation: AACTE: Innovation and Reform in Teacher Preparation

Virtual Bug-in-Ear Mentoring in Kansas, John Green. [PDF]

Journal articles by Marcia Rock:

Rock, M.L., Gregg, M., Howard P. W., Ploessl D.M., Maughn, S., Gable, R.A., & Zigmond, N.P. (2009). See Me, Hear Me, Coach Me. Virtual bug-in-ear technology brings immediacy to professional development. National Staff Development Council 30, no. 3, 24-32. Link to article: http://www.nsdc.org/news/getDocument.cfm?articleID=1902
Rock, M.L., Gregg, M., Gable, R.A., & Zigmond, N.P. (2009). Virtual Coaching for Novice Teachers: Technology enables university professors to observe and literally whisper in the ear of a teacher during instruction. Kappan 91. No. 2 (36-41).
Rock, M.L., Gregg, M., Thead, B.K., Acker, S.E., Gable, R.A., & Zigmond, N.P. (2009). Can you hear me now? Evaluation of an online wireless technology to provide real-time feedback to special education teachers-in-training. Teacher Education and Special Education 32, no. 1, 64-82.