About the Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

PLC Webinar Schedule

PLC Monthly Recurring Meeting Schedule January- June 2014 (Docx). This provides a list of recurring dates for each PLC topic for each week of the month. Typically, the schedule begins in September through June. 


In 2010 at the request of SPDG grantees, the Signetwork and OSEP launched the SPDG Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). The purpose of the PLCs is to provide an opportunity for states to connect with one another and share best practices, tools and resources on topics of interest. Chosen PLC topics are generated by the SPDG community members, and are updated each year following our annual PLC membership survey. The current list of active PLCs are: 

  1. Coaching
  2. Common Core State Standards
  3. Grant Management
  4. Evaluation
  5. Implementation and Scale Up of Comprehensive Professional Development Approaches Conversations
  6. Multi-tiered Systems of Support
  7. Technology

About PLC Membership
Each topical PLC has developed its own membership engagement protocols:  how often they meet, who can join the community, and how they will engage with another during their online meetings. All groups prefer to focus on resource/tool sharing mixed in with discussions to learn from each others to identify solutions and practices to overcome barriers in running their projects. SPDG network members as outside experts are invited to present and or facilitate on calls.

To coordinate the groups, an OSEP Project Officer and the Signetwork Coordinator moderate and facilitate the online sessions, and assist with planning the content and structure of presentations and/or discussions. In addition, the SIGnetwork Coordinator disseminates meeting announcements, uploads materials to the website events page, and shares relevant news and information with members as needed.

How to Join a PLC
Those interested in participating in one or more of the Professional Learning Communities are required to register to the Signetwork website by completing the following the steps:
1. Go to: /users/reg_pass_required
2. Type in the password: sig
3. Complete all the registration fields.
4. Select which topical PLC groups to join

Within 1-2 days of completing the registration form, new subscribers will receive a confirmation message from Signetwork staff. After registering, members will receive meeting reminders, resource news and information, and access to the online collaborative tools – wikis and discussion forums.

PLC Wikis - Online Resource Pages
The Signetwork website hosts a an online collaborative space (wiki) for PLC topics. On PLC wiki members can view and download tools and resources shared on webinars. Also, members can upload content and make comments about the resources posted. The tools and resources posted to the PLC wikis are only accessible to members. On a regular basis, the tools will be made available to the public resource page: /content_pages/190.

In addition to the wikis, PLC participants can access discussion forums or threaded discussions on topics generated by the members.