2007 SPDG Regional Meetings

Opening Remarks and Project Management [Notes] by Larry Wexler and comments by Lou Danielson from Bethesda Meeting — synthesis from three meetings

Albuquerque, NM

Kansas City, MO
Bethesda, MD

State Initiatives Matrix

2007 SPDG Project Officer Assignments

Topical Discussions by Region

Albuquerque, New Mexico [Notes of topical discussions]
RTI: Presenter — Holly Garrard, Wyoming [Powerpoint]
Teacher Retention: Presenter — Cindi Boezio, Colorado [Powerpoint]
Literacy: Presenter — Janet Canning, California [Powerpoint]

Kansas City, Missouri [Notes of topical discussions]
RTI: Presenter — Brett Bollinger, Indiana [Powerpoint]
Highly Qualified Teacher: Presenter — Fran Warkomski, Pennsylvania [Powerpoint]
Teacher Retention: Presenter — Abbie Felder, Alabama [Powerpoint]
Literacy: Presenter — Julia Causey, Georgia [Powerpoint]

Bethesda, Maryland [Notes of topical discussions]
RTI: Presenter — Tom Manthey, Virginia [PowerPoint]
Highly Qualified Teacher: Presenter — Jonathan Dyson, Rhode Island [PowerPoint]
Teacher Retention: Presenter — Matt Guigno, New York [Powerpoint]
Literacy: Presenter — Laura Snyder, North Carolina [Powerpoint]

Evaluator Sessions by Region
Albuquerque [Notes]
Kansas City [Notes]
Bethesda [Notes]

SIG Marketplace Products and Tools from all sites (.doc)

Post-Meeting Evaluation Results

Budget for Meetings