2008 SPDG Regional Meetings

Materials and Notes

Scottsdale, Arizona – November 13-14
Kansas City, Missouri – November 17-18
Washington, DC – November 20-21

State Initiatives Matrix [Updated December 10, 2008]
SPDG Performance Measurement Card

Presentations by Region

Scottsdale, Arizona

WISCONSIN  Deb Bilzing, SPDG Project Director [PowerPoint]
Mission Possible: Improving Academic and Behavioral Results for Children with Disabilities through Sustained Research Based Professional Development
Deb Bilzing presented Wisconsin SPDG’s Professional Development model that they are implementing for delivering scientific-evidence based PD events aligned with the SPP indicators for Parts B and C. This research-based delivery model is required for all professional development activities occurring within the project.

ILLINOIS Kathy Cox, SPDG Project Director [PowerPoint]
Scaling Up:  State and Regional Support for Implementation of RtI in a 3-Tier Model
Illinois SPDG is moving away from working school-by-school or district-by-district and adding a coaching-of-coaches component to ASPIRE. Recently the project issued an application to solicit partnerships among larger educational units, e.g., Regional Offices of Education and special education enter joint agreements through which they are asked to identify individuals already on their staff to be trained and serve as external coaches for districts in their areas. 

Kansas City, Missouri

LOUISIANA  Melanie Lemoine and Monica Ballay [PowerPoint]
LaSIG 2: Sustaining Practice through Goal Setting and Data
Presented on the LASIG data collection and reporting process as well as the district level Goal Attainment Scale.

Washington, District of Columbia

PENNSYLVANIA  Shatarupa Podder and Janet Sloand [PowerPoint]
Scaling Up: Pennsylvania’s  Paraprofessional Training Initiative OSEP Project Directors
Pennsylvania’s Paraeducator Training Initiative began during the last phase of Pennsylvania's SIG I, and was continued through SIG II and is a large part of the SPDG in addition to being incorporated in State Special Education regulations.

NEW YORK  Matthew Giugno [PowerPoint]
Notes from the field: Elements of Sustainability
New York SPDG field-based staff will have to address the issue of sustainability as they begin to review schools with effective practices before they are matched to schools that will "replicate'' the practice that will improve student results. 

TENNESSEE  Chithra Perumal and Connie White [PowerPoint]
Presentation on Tennessee’s SIG sustainable and scale up practices as it relates to families.

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