2013 National Meeting Poster Session

2013 National Meeting Posters
Poster  Participants State SPDG Affiliation

Guiding & Investing In New Special Educators

Focuses on reducing special education referrals for preschool students by providing supports for students, teachers and classrooms. 

Mary Aery
Roy Anderson
Kim McNamara


OTISS (Oklahoma Tiered Intervention System of Support) TRAIN

Provides information on TRAIN, Oklahoma's support system developed and funded by the Oklahoma SPDG II to provide training and support to selected sites interested in implementing OTISS

Christine Knight
Karie Crews-St. Yves


Leadership in Action Principal Project

Highlights a principal leadership project with a cohort of 10 principals targeting leadership for multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS). 

Daphne Pereles
Susan Wagner


Connecticut SPDG Project Goals and Outcomes

Showcases goals and current outcomes for Connecticut's Statewide System of Academic and Behavioral Interventions and Supports. 

Donald Briere
Alice Henley


Ignite AEA Presentation Tool

Introduces a tool for presenting information succinctly and efficiently during a limited amount of available time. 

David Merves 

Delaware and New Hampshire

Professional Development for Related Services Professionals

Describes a professional development program for occupational and physical therapists across the state. 

Peg Sullivan Florida

A Paraprofessional to Teacher Model; Impact on Retention of Special Educators

Presents a strategy and provides results for recruiting and supporting paraprofessionals with Associate's Degrees to complete education degrees and become special education teachers. 

Denise Andreski Florida

Georgia's SPDG Collaboration with Title I/School Improvement

Highlights collaborative efforts between special education and general education personnel the State and local levels. 

Julia Causey Georgia

eMentoring for Student Success (eMSS)

Outlines Kansas' eMentoring for Student Success online mentoring program with the goal of increasing new teachers' effectiveness of instruction as well as improve their retention. 

Kerry Haag Kansas

College and Career Readiness for Students Using Alternate Assessments

Highlights the development of a College and Career Readiness accountability model for students with low incidence disabilities through collaboration between the State Education Agency, Local Education Agencies, and the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and, subsequently, develop, pilot and implement a CCR curriculum for students with low incidence disabilities based upon the accountability model. 

Sammie Lambert Kentucky

Practitioner-Based Tool Development

Explains the process and provides examples for successful practitioner-based projects such as a SWPBS Implementation Guide, Louisiana School Improvement Team Guide, Louisiana Validated Practices Guide and Louisiana Co-Teaching Guide. 

Melanie Lemoine Louisiana

Parent-Teacher Partnership Model:  Learning Together

Highlights Ohio's Learning Together project with the goal of developing parent and teacher knowledge, attitudes and dispositions necessary to establish and maintain effective parent/teacher relationships in order to improve student outcomes. 

Earl Focht Ohio

Structured Dialogic Design

Describes the guidelines for using Structured Dialogic Design, a dialogue and decision-making methodology used within their organization. 

Teri Johnson Michigan

Using a Matrix Crosswalk Manual with Calibration Visits to Enhance RTI Systems

Focuses on a tool used during calibration visits to scale up RTI systems through quantitative and qualitative data analysis and differentiation for evidence-based professional develpment

Adria David
Matt Hyde
Cari Murphy


Using a PBiS Resource Guide to Provide a Central Location for Critical Information

Highlights components of Nebraska's PBiS Resource Guide including a calendar of data collection activities, contacts for resources, rubrics for implementation and evidence-based practices from the WWC, IES and NIDA. 

Regina Oliver Nebraska

Using Community of Practice as an Advisory Group

Describes how the New Hampshire SPDG uses a State cross-agency Community of Practice team focusing on transition to provide guidance and direction to the SPDG Leadership Team. 

Mary Steady New Hampshire

Aligned System of Teacher and Student Support Through Instructional Consultation, Assessment and Teaming

Outlines Nevada's Aligned System of Teacher and Student Support for assessing, planning, and delivering quality instruction within the classroom. 

Lori Schwank Nevada

Oregon SPDG Data Portal

Showcases Oregon SPDG's Data Portal for tracking and uploading all evaluation data, generating district data reports and converting data summaries into visual representations. 

Martha Buenrostro Catherine Heaton Oregon

Progress Monitoring Focus:  A Tool for Measuring Student Response to Intervention

Highlights the work within the Utah SPDG for using progress monitoring to measure students' response to instruction and/or intervention over time to aid the teacher and others in making data-based decisions. 

Leanne Hawken
Devin Healey
Lowell Oswald



Secondary Transition Initiative for Young Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Presents Vermont's Secondary Transition Initiative featuring its core components of employment in integrated settings, braided funding streams, employment skills curriculum, and internships/worksite rotations. 

Pat Mueller Vermont

Drilling Down in Data to Determine Statewide Professional Development Needs

Describes Wyoming's intensive two-day drill-down of statewide special education data in order to identify areas of needs and prioritize professional development. 

Kimberly Harper
Christine Revere
Susan Wagner


Using an Instructional Strategies Matrix for Systems Development

Introduces Montana's Instructional Strategies Matrix with the project goal of giving Montana's diverse schools guidance in their development of comprehensive systems of differentiated supports. 

Amy Friez
Annette Young


PBIS Juvenile Detention Center

Highlights the integration of PBIS and a juvenile detention center in Mississippi. 

Hollie Filce Selina Merrell


Involving Institutes of Higher Education

Showcases Rhode Island's SPDG collaboration with the three major Colleges of Education within the state. 

Shannon Dowd-Eagle
John Eagle
Barrie Grossi

Rhode Island

Preschool through Kindergarten NE/LRE Decision Making Module

Highlights best practice for effective decision making by IFSP and IEP teams in selecting natural and least restrictive environments.

Marcella Franczkowski


Illinois Institutes of Higher Education Partnership:  Technical Assistance Coordinators

Focuses on Illinois' efforts to increase the number of undergraduate and graduate educator preparation programs that integrate Response to Intervention content into their program curricula (courses and field experiences). 

Kathryn Cox
Wendy Fuchs


Using Visuals to Communicate Information About Project Goals, Initiatives, Timelines and Project Descriptions

Depicts Minnesota's visual representation of SPDG's goals, program initiatives, descriptions of program initiatives and timelines for starting and completing initiatives

Loraine Jensen Minnesota

NCSIP: Aligning the Process with the Competency Drivers Through Formalized Developmental Review

Highlights North Carolina's process for informal and formal analysis of project implementation with each participating LEA. 

Paula Crawford North Carolina

SC Gateways SPDG Tier 1 Site Needs Asessment Process

Outlines South Carolina's needs assessment process for determining professional development goals. 

Tarry McGovern
Heather Grohn

South Carolina

There’s an App for Project Closing the Gap (CTG)

Highlights mobile device apps Alabama is using in their initiative work.

Shirley Farrell Alabama