2013 National Meeting Materials


Participant List


Day One - March 5

ESEA Flex and SPDG:  What’s the Connection?

Ruth Ryder, Deputy Director, OSEP

Overview of Kansas’ Technical Assistance System Network - TASN (PPT, 3/1/2013)
         Kerry Haag, M.S.Ed., Assistant Director of Special Education Services and SPDG Project Director,                            Kansas Department of Education
          Crystal Davis, Coordinator, Kansas TASN, Kansas Department of Education

Tech presentation on Mobile Device App (PPT, 3/1/2013)

          Tarry McGovern, M.Ed., Team Lead, Results Driven Accountability, South Carolina Dept. of Education

Developing, Measuring, and Improving Program Fidelity: Achieving positive outcomes through high-fidelity implementation (PPT, 2/26/2012, A. Metz)
          Dr. Allison Metz, Associate Director, National Implementation Research Network

Fidelity of Implementation 3-2-1 Small Group Discussion Handout

Market Place Session Descriptions and Resources

Day Two - March 6

SPDG Program Update: What is and What's next  
             audrey Desjarlais, Signetwork

Poster Session Descriptions

Focus on Implementation: North Carolina's story of the installation stage and their activities  (PPT, 3/2012)

Jeanna Mullins, Associate Director, Mid-South Regional Resource Center
Dr. Paula Crawford, SPDG Project Director, and  Section Chief, Pogram Improvement & Professional Development, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
Angela W. Rodriguez, Program Improvement and Professional Development Strategic Planning Consultant, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Stages of Implementation Analysis Unabridged (PDF, SISEP, 1/2012). This tool provides the team with the opportunity to plan for and/or assess the use of stage-based activities to improve the success of implementation efforts for EBPs or evidence-informed innovations.

Installation Stage Implementation Analysis (PDF, SISEP, 1/2012). This is an abbreviated version of the Stages of implementation analyis listed above. Only installation stage elements are included in this document.

Installation Stage Action Planning Guide  (PDF, SISEP, 5/2012)

Training Plan Training Plan Development (DOC, SISEP, 3/2013)

Installation Stage 3-2-1 Small Group Discussion Handout

U.S. Department of Education Presentation:  Inclusion Equity and Opportunity 
              Michael K. Yudin, Acting Assistant Secretary for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, U.S.                            Department of Education