2012 SPDG National Meeting

Agenda (final, 3/1/2012)

Virtual Agenda

MarketPlace Presentations and Resources


Day One - March 6

Welcome and Reflections from Previous Year (PPT)
    Jennifer Coffey, PhD, OSEP Project Officer

Introduction: World Café Groups & Marketplace Poster Sessions (see above PPT)
     Audrey Desjarlais, Coordinator, Signetwork

Utah's Effective Partnership & Collaboration with Institutes of Higher Education (PPT, 2/2012)
     Heidi Mathie Mucha, Ph.D., NCSP, Utah SPDG Program Specialist
     Lowell Oswald, Ph.D., Utah SPDG Project Director

Video #1  Principals
Video #2

High Partnership Expectations: Feasible Outcomes for All (PPT, 2/2012)
      Barbara Guy, Iowa SPDG Director
      Karen Thompson, PTI Director

Related Resources

Below are the Dropbox links for the 3 final curriculum sets.  Each are in a zip folder, the easiest way to interact with these are to:
1. Click on the Title Hotlink
2. When the dialogue box opens select the option to "SAVE" vs. open
3. Save folder and then open once download is complete

Exploring and Preparing for Work as an Adult
Road to Discovery Transition
The Power of High Expectations

Developing, Measuring & Improving Program Fidelity: Achieving positive outcomes through high-fidelity implementation (PPT, 2/2012)
     Allison Metz, Associate Director, National Implementation Research Network

Related Resources

Examples of fidelity instruments
Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool for Preschool Classrooms (TPOT), Research Edition, Mary Louise Hemmeter and Lise Fox
The PBIS fidelity measure (the SET) described at http://www.pbis.org/pbis_resource_detail_page.aspx?Type=4&PBIS_ResourceID=222

Sanetti, L. & Kratochwill, T. (2009). Toward Developing a Science of Treatment Integrity: Introduction to the Special Series. School Psychology Review, Volume 38, No. 4, pp. 445–459.
Mowbray, C.T., Holter, M.C., Teague, G.B., Bybee, D. (2003). Fidelity Criteria: Development, Measurement and Validation. American Journal of Evaluation, 24 (3), 315-340.
Hall, G.E., & Hord, S.M. (2011). Implementing Change: Patterns, principles and potholes (3rd ed.)Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

3-2-1 Small Group Implementation Fidelity Discussion Process Template (DOC, 2/2012)
    Discussion Topics:
     (1) creating your own measures
     (2) using existing measures
     (3) collecting data
     (4) when your initiative doesn't 'fit the mold'

Regional Luncheon 3-2-1 Report Out Agenda (PDF, 2/2012)

MarketPlace Poster Session Descriptions and Resources

Update: Using iPads for Collecting Implementation Data (PPT, 3/2012)
    Follow-up to OSEP Project Directors' Conference iPad Presentation
    Carlos Romero, Ph.D., New Mexico SPDG Evaluator

State Initiative Profile Database Demonstration (PPT, 3/2012)
    Jason LaPier, Signetwork Developer
    Audrey Desjarlais, Coordinator, Signetwork

World Cafe Small Group Discussions
    World Cafe Topic List and Process  PDF, 2/2012)
    World Cafe Design Principles  (PDF, 2/2012). We encourage participants to review this document.


Day Two - March 7

World Cafe Small Group Discussions
    World Cafe Topic List and Process  (PDF, 2/2012)
    World Cafe Design Principles  (PDF, 2/2012). We encourage participants to review this document.

ESEA and IDEA Reauthorization & Policy Direction - US Department of Education - This presentation is not available
     Alexa Posny, Assistant Secretary for Special Education & Rehabilitative Services

Program Measure Presentation  (no PPT, resource sharing only)
    Jennifer Coffey, PhD, OSEP Project Officer

Speed Sharing: Challenges & Strategies - Small Group Discussion Groups (no handout)

2012 National Planning Committee Members

SPDG Personnel: Chithra Adams, Evaluator, Kentucky & Tennessee; Monica  Ballay, Evaluator, Louisiana; Amy Gaumer Erickson, Missouri & Kansas; Jim Frasier, Evaluator, Wisconsin; Tom Manthey, Director, Virginia; Heidi Mathie Mucha, Coordinator; David Merves, Evaluator, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Mississippi; Floy Scott, Evaluator, Montana

OSEP Project Officers: Jennifer Coffey, Pat Gonzalez, Corinne Weidenthal, Tina Diamond, Shedeh Hajghassemali, Susan Weigert, Dawn Ellis, Grace Zamora Duran, Terry Jackson, Ingrid Oxaal

Signetwork: Audrey Desjarlais and Leslie Crysler