Resource Library: Collaboration and Partnering

What does the Liturature Say about the Effectiveness of Interorganizational Collaboration?

The Center to Improve Project Performance (CIPP) has released a new document with strategies for successful collaboration and for evaluation of collaboration.  The literature is broad, so the focus in the document is limited to whether and how interorganizational collaboration might lead to improved outcomes. 

Common Core State Standards

The IDEA Partnership releases a new vetted collection: Common Core State Standards Collection. The content of this collaborative work on Common Core State Standards Collection was presented to the partner organizations by the Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Governors’ Association at a full Partnership meeting in January 2011. Following the presentation, 27 organizations, 11 states and 22 technical assistance investments held a dialogue about the needs of the field.  This Collection represents the first resources based on that work.

Leadership and IHE Collaboration PLC PRESENTATION: How SEAs and IHEs can work together to tackle the challenge of helping special education teachers to connect their instruction to the common core standards. (PDF 2/2012, Neal Kingston). Webinar Recording

Institution of Higher Education Collaboration

Building Relationships: Promising Practices for IHE and School Partnerships (PPT, 10/2012, T. Davis and K. Gabriel, CSU, Chico)Terri Davis and Kathleen Gabriel presented information about their 325 T Teacher prep grant and how they are connecting their teacher preparation program content with local education agency needs related to pre-service teacher knowledge and skills upon program completion. SESSION RECORDING (10/24/2012)

Notes Consultancy Model Discussion: Building Stronger Collaboration with IHEs (DOC, Leadership & IHE Collaboration PLC Session, 5/2012) These are notes from a facilitated consultancy model discussion focused on strengthening collaborative relationships with IHEs.

SPDG Directors' Webinar: Ohio's Collaborative Initiatives to Improve Teaching of Students with Disabilities (Webinar Session WAV, August 2009) The Office of Special Education Programs began its Program Improvement Grant Priority (325T) in FY 2007. The purpose of the priority is to improve the K-12 high incidence teacher preparation programs so that graduates are not only highly qualified, but are also well-prepared with knowledge & skills & evidence-based practices to improve results for students with high-incidence disabilities. As of FY 2009, 54 grants have been awarded to Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) in 29 states. This webinar described how one state has leveraged these federal resources and integrated the initiative into its “Ohio Planning Framework.”

The Ohio Department of Education, through its Office of Educator Preparation, has embraced the redesign effort within its state. Ohio has revised teacher licensure standards for preparing highly qualified special education teachers with input from a consortium of public & private IHEs. Collaborative initiatives, developed within Ohio's planning framework were highlighted & among the Ohio SIG, its Office of Educator Preparation & the IHE consortium.

Ohio’s Collaborative Initiatives to Improve Teaching of Students with Disabilities (PPT, August 2009, Morrow, L., Ph.D., Muskingum University, Ohio; Soloninka, J., Ph.D., Director of Educator Preparation, Ohio Department of Education; Shelby, K., Director of Office for Exceptional Children, Ohio Department of Education; Ward, J. H., Assistant Director Resource Management, Ohio Department of Education)

Strengthening Partnerships Between Special Education Teacher Educators and Schools PDF. Developed by National Center to Inform Policy and Practice in Special Education Professional Development. (2010) Target Audience: State Policymakers

NCATE Meeting Urgent National Needs in P-12 Education: Improving Relevance, Evidence, and Performance in Teacher Preparation. http://www.ncate.org/documents/news/White%20paper%20final%206-15-09.pdf

The Challenges to States: Preserving College Access and Affordability in a Time of Crisis, /wiki_page_assets/wiki_page_82/Challenge_to_the_states.pdf

NASDSE in Forum: Addressing Response to Intervention within Personnel Preparation Programs- Six Approaches.  http://www.projectforum.org/docs/AddressingResponsetoInterventionwithinPersonnelPrepProgs-6.pdf

How to Influence Preservice Teacher Preparation (PDF, May 1997Cobb, B., Colorado State University)


Mini Grant Program for IHEs Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction - FY 2011-2012 IHE Mini-Grant Application Guidance and Instructions (PDF) Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction SPDG Mini-Grant Application (PDF) Wisconsin SPDG IHE Mini-Grant Initiative Abstract  (DOC)

Measuring Collaboration


Missouri's Instrument to Measure Collaboration: Measuring Collaboration at State, Regional, and Local Levels   PPT | SESSION RECORDING 


April 24, 2013. Pam Williams, Missouri SPDG Direcctor, Drs. Pattie Noonan and Amy Gaumer Erickson, Missouri SPDG Evaluators. 



Communities of Practice


Facilitating Community: Key Strategies for Building Communities of Practice to Accomplish State Goals . Developed by Joanne Cashman, Patrice Linehan and Mariola Rosser of the IDEA Partnerships. There are a number of key strategies that are fundamental to the Communities of Practice approach. Find out how these strategies can assist Communities of Practice leaders and facilitators in building a strong foundation and enhancing stakeholder participation.

How to Work with Your SPDG Advisory Boards


New Hampshire's Advisory Board for SPDG (PPT, October 2010, Jenks, A., New Hampshire SPDG Coordinator)

Working with Advisory Panels (PPT, October 2010, Gabler Filce, H., Ph.D., Mississippi SPDG Coordinator)

Overview of the SPDG Advisory Board Criterion (PPT, October 25, 2010, Coffey, J., Ph.D., OSEP Project Officer)