Project ACHIEVE is Arkansas's statewide behavior and acedemic achievement initiative. This program was identified as a "Promising Program" by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Georgia Effective Behavioral and Instructional Supports Center (EBIS) Expanding school-wide EBIS technical assistance to allow large-scale implementation within the state of Georgia with an emphasis on building capacity. This initiative supports Goal 3 of Georgia's SIG.

Illinois ASPIRE - Alliance for School-based Problem-solving & Intervention Resources in Education.
An Illinois State Board of Education Initiative (SPDG 2005-2010) Illinois ASPIRE (Alliance for School-based Problem-solving and Intervention Resources in Education) is a coordinated, regionalized system of personnel development designed to increase the capacity of school districts to provide early intervening services, aligned with the general education curriculum, to at-risk students and students with disabilities.  This system consists of four regional Illinois ASPIRE Centers established by the Illinois State Board of Education, and each is responsible for activities to support the following project objectives:

  1. Deliver standardized research-based professional development in Problem-Solving, including Response to Intervention (RTI); scientifically-based reading instruction; and standards-aligned instruction and assessment through a coaching model to targeted demonstration districts in each region, large scale trainings throughout each region, and ongoing technical assistance to schools.
  2. Increase the participation of parents in decision making.
  3. Incorporate the professional development content into Institution of Higher Education (IHE) general and special education preservice and graduate curricula.
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of project activities.

Maryland The PBIS Maryland site provides a tutorial that explains the history status and model of the Maryland initiative. Also available, a revised edition of the PBIS Maryland Standards and Protocols document. The Cost/Benefit worksheet allows you to calculate time gained in the classroom based on reduction in referrals. Many other helpful forms are available on the site.

Nebraska (NSIG) has invested in a comprehensive approach to preventing behavior problems in schools. Their site offers a graphic of the approach as well as connections to SIG evaluation, impact and school selection criteria. See the Partners section of this site for details of their collaborators in the process of developing site-based Leadership Teams through team study of research, on-site technical assistance, consultation and site-based training.

New Mexico SIG initiative in Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) This website provides description of the implementation and impact of PBIS in New Mexico, along with publications, resources and contacts for the initiative.

North Carolina Positive Behavior Support Initiative The North Carolina Positive Behavioral Support Initiative is part of the North Carolina State Improvement Grant Program. North Carolina uses their website to support their Vision: All schools in North Carolina will implement Positive Behavior Support as an effective and proactive process for improving social competence and academic achievement for all students. See the Implementation Support section for a checklist and other helpful resources.