2011 Regional Meeting Materials

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February 15 – Anytime
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Dial-in: 1-888-447-7153 Passcode: 899594

February 16 – Anytime
Join Link: http://tadnet.adobeconnect.com/portland_day2/ ( login as a guest)
Dial-in: 1-888-447-7153 Passcode: 899594

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SPDG Program Overview

Program Overview Presentation (PPT).  Jennifer Coffey


2010 SPDG Grantee Abstracts

Draft SPDG Performance Measures - There is no electronic format available. See Jennifer's Program Overview PPT to view these draft measures.

Portland Participant List

Evidence-Based Professional Development Session

Introduction to the Professional Development Presentation [PPT]. Jennifer Coffey, OSEP

Presentation Powerpoints

DC: Evidence-based Professional Development Presentation [PPT]  Michelle Duda, Ph.D, , Susan Davis, NC SPDG.

New Orleans: Evidence-based Professional Development Presentation [PPT] Melissa Van Dyke, LCSW, State Implementation of Scaling Up Evidence Based Practices TA Center (SISEP), Margaret McGlinchey, MI SPDG

Portland: Evidence-based Professional Development Presentation [PPT] Chris Borgmeier, Ph.D., Oregon PBIS Leadership Network


Michigan’s Integrated Behavior & Learning Support (MiBLSi) Initiative Rubrics. Michigan's SPDG, MiBLSi uses rubrics to ensure consistency in their professional development system.

Implementation Drivers Best Practices Analysis and Discussion Tool Adapted from ©National  Implementation Research Network Karen A. Blase, Melissa K. Van Dyke, Michelle Duda, and Dean L. Fixsen, September 2010.

Implementation: The Missing Link Between Research and Practice ©National  Implementation Research Network

Implementation Graphic

Pre-Conferece Resources to Review

Participants are encouraged to review the following resources prior to the conference. For the Trivette/Dunst articles choose only one to read.

Trivette, C. M., Dunst, C. J., Hamby, D.W., & O’Herin, C. E. (2009). Characteristics and consequences of adult learning methods and strategies (Winterberry Research Synthesis, Vol. 2, No. 2). Asheville, NC: Winterberry Press.

Dunst, C. J., & Trivette, C. M. (2009). Let’s Be PALS: An Evidence-Based Approach to Professional Development. Infants & Young Children 22. No. 3, 164–176. Purchase Here: http://journals.lww.com/iycjournal/toc/2009/07000

An Evidence-Based Approach to Professional Development [PPT, 2/2010] Trivette, C.M. and Dunst, C.J., Orelena Hawks Puckett Institute, ASeveill and Morganton, North Carolina.

Resources Highlighted during the Conference (from all three sites)

Bruce Schroeder's Implementation Conversations Presentation: Using the Coaching Best Practices to inform your work. Go to this wiki page to download the PowerPoint and/or listen to the session recording: /wikis/4/page/March_9_Online_Session_with_Bruce_Schroeder,_Utah_SPDG_Director

The Effect of an "Unsure" Option on Early Childhood Professionals' Pre- and Post-Training Knowledge Assessments. American Journal of Evaluation published online 3 September 2010. Tomoko Wakabayashi and Karen Guskin. http://aje.sagepub.com/content/early/2010/08/31/1098214010371818.full.pdf+html

National School Reform Consultancy Model Resources: http://www.nsrfharmony.org/protocol/protocols.html

Below are a few resources on Adaptive Leadership Melissa Van Dyke mentioned at the New Orleans meeting.

Heifetz, R. A., & Laurie, D. L. (1997). The work of leadership. Harvard Business Review, 75(1), 124-134.

Here’s a short article by Heifetz and Laurie: https://www.msu.edu/course/prr/371/Change%20Management/Adaptive%20Change.html

This is a nice summary of the “big ideas:” http://changetheorists.pbworks.com/w/page/15475038/Ron-Heifetz

This is the website for the authors’ business; it contains some interesting information: http://www.cambridge-leadership.com/

Vermont Integrated Instruction Model Practice Profile Template [DOC, 2010]

DC Regional Meeting Feb 3, 2010 – Evidence PD Pair/Share. Outcomes participating projects are working towards (DOC).

Discussion Handouts

Discussion #1:  3-2-1 Group Process Evidenced Based Professional Development
Discussion #1:  3-2-1 Individual Reflection Summary Evidenced Based Professional Development

Discussion #2:  Competency Driver Training

Discussion #3:  Consultancy Protocol

Consultancy Model Description. This document describes the discussion process we will be using for one of the small group discussion sections. A volunteer for each group will be asked to provide a challenge they are facing in providing effective professional development.

SPDG Marketplace

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Portland Marketplace Schedule



Guidance on Structuring a Community of Practice

Guidance on Structuring a Community of Practice Presentation [2010, PPT]  Terry Jackson, Ph.D.; Audrey Desjarlais, Signetwork Coordinator

Montana RTI Partnership A Community of Practice In the Beginning PPT. Susan Bailey-Anderson, Director, Montana SPDG

Communities of Practice Start-up Guide. Etienne Wenger

Free (mostly) Applications For Supporting Communities of Practice and Learning Communities (11/2010). By Larry Edelman

New Hampshire Transition CoP Fact Sheet

New Hampshire Transition CoP Survey

New Hampshire Transition CoP Structure

New Hampshire Transition CoP Agenda Template

Open Space 3-21 Small Group Discussions

Discussion Handout: Open Space 3-2-1 Reflection

SPDG Technology Initiative

SPDG Technology Initiative: Two Years and Counting (PPT). Audrey Desjarlais, Signetwork Coordinator

Resource Packet on Blogs, Wikis, and Social Networks. Prepared by Larry Edelman and Stephen Luke. March 23, 2010