Past Events: March 24, 2011: Directors' PD Series - Innovation Fluency

Presenters: Karen Blase, Ph.D., SISEP Center and Jane Splean, Nevada SPDG Project Director.

What Is “It” and How Do We Make “It” Happen? A pre-requisite for implementing well is clearly understanding what is expected of building staff, District staff, and at the State level.  This means clearly operationalizing the guiding principles of the initiative, the critical components, and the activities that make the critical components come alive in classrooms and schools.  This presentation reviews the core features of Practice Profiles, the benefits of developing and using them, and how they interact with the use of the Implementation Drivers to increase the likelihood that innovations will be implemented as intended with good outcomes for students.

Pre-Reading Material

Readiness for Change Brief. Fixsen, D. L., Blase, K. A.,, Horner, R., and Sugai, G. (2/2009), SISEP.

Session Materials & Resources

What Is “It” and How Do We Make “It” Happen? ( PPT, 3/2011) Karen Blase, Ph.D.; Dean L. Fixsen, Ph.D.; Melissa Van Dyke, LCSW; Michelle Duda, Ph.D. In addition, there are notes on various slides from Jane Splean, Project Director, Nevada SPDG.

Nevada SPDG's Instructional Consultation Model Configuration (Doc, 2011)

Training in Instructional Consultation, Assessment and Teaming Overview (PDF, 2007). Todd Gravois, Edward Gicklin, and Sylvia Rosenfield.

Another resource mentioned: Hord, S.M., Stiegelbauer, S.M., Hall, G.E., & George, A.A. (2006). Measuring Implementation in Schools: Innovation Configurations. Austin, TX: Southwest Educational Development Laboratory.